About us

Trandusa is a private and new global real estate platform developed to provide you with superior quality in real estate services worldwide. The extensiveness of this platform and the sales and rentals management of the private real estate products in our country and other countries is one of the most reliable and expeditious available. The elite real estate agencies, real estate brokers, real estate attorneys, construction companies, real estate insurance companies, investors and proprietors across the world will have the opportunity to interact directly with us by means of our system and offices.

Apart from the usual real estate criteria, Trandusa aims solely at products of elite and high-quality real estate by differentiating the definition of the products for presentation purposes. For this purpose, our team of expert professionals meticulously selects the real estate products belonging to companies or individuals, by providing the sales of these products and rental management to suit you.

The definition of exclusive real estate products is defined otherwise by Trandusa. Our goal is to supply elite and high-quality real estate products worldwide for the actual cash value of the products rather than the inflated value, and still provide you with the optimum real estate product as being a "Reliable, High Quality and Happy Living Space".

Trandusa ascertains the locations of the country worldwide where you can invest in certainty and simply focuses only on the reliable, high quality and happy living space. Thus we help reduce the time-consuming hassle of property research. Our service is stress free and allows you to get in touch directly with the authorized agencies or the proprietors.