Trandusa was founded in 2012 by Mehmet Çağrı Eryiğit and Lucy Logan in Turkey and in the United States of America. With over 10 years of combined experience in finance, investment, sales and marketing aspects of the real estate business, they formed a team of expert professionals. Furthermore, as a result of their experiences, they have acquired a great deal of knowledge about real estate and how to provide the best possible quality service for their customers.

Their exceptional service, strong experience, marketing creativity and good old-fashioned hard work has helped them gain recognition among sellers and buyers in a short period of time.

Mehmet Çağrı Eryiğit and Lucy Logan built Trandusa on professionalism, principled conduct and the highest moral and ethical standards. Their unique marketing knowledge in real estate can save you countless hours and frustrations.

To date, over the years of experience and achieving to create a global platform, "Trandusa" has accumulated "Reliable, High Quality and Happy Living Space" to promote within the global real estate business for the investors' preferences worldwide.

By joining us today, you can reach millions of people globally, whether you are a builder or own a "Reliable, High Quality and Happy Living Space" or, if you are an investor and looking to invest, we can help you quickly and easily.