Trandusa can help you with your needs of real estate services to sell your current property, to purchase a new home or to invest in a reliable, high quality and happy living space. Furthermore, Trandusa's global real estate platform can also turn-key solution that manages everything needed for success on the web to attract online sellers, buyers and/or investors worldwide. Real estate has been viewed as a sales industry, but the perceptions are changing. We at Trandusa anticipates that the key to real estate success is to provide an exceptional services to our ideal clients.

Trandusa's Services Include:

  • Real estate brokerage for both buyers and sellers
  • Negotiate with the seller on your behalf
  • Handle all the transaction-related arrangement such as loan mortgage, refinancing, contract and deed
  • Carry out an expert property assessment
  • Holiday rentals
  • Property rental management
  • Property care services such as maintenance
  • Homeowner's Insurance
  • Manage all of your web marketing needs for you
  • Generate and optimize a powerful online campaign that's targeted at buyers who are searching for property in your market by focusing on key specific lifestyles
  • Place your brand and your listings in front of millions consumers worldwide
  • Create and manage to ensure your site gets the highest traffic available on the web